War of E-Scooters

Hero Vida V1 Electric Vs. Rivals



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Launched on October 7th, the Hero Vida V1 Electric marks the OEMs entry into the EV segment, a milestone that will be keenly observed for its impact on the electric market as a whole, since Hero is a name that has the potential to steer the two-wheeler market as a whole.


While the Vida V1’s package seems exciting, at any given point in time, the electric scooter from Hero will be up against two of the biggest rivals; Ola Electric and Ather Energy both of which are currently dominating the premium e-scooter market. The dynamics of this battle however is rather fun since Hero MotoCorp owns as much as 34.8% stake in Ather with another round of funding all set to make the number go up by another 2%.


While the OEM is definitely a late entrant when it comes to the hot-selling EV market, the hopes are high and so is the vision. Smartly strategizing its marketing campaign around the idea that it’s better to take time and cook up a wholesome product rather than being in the rat race of becoming the first to launch a half-cooked product, Hero MotoCorp is heavily relying on its manufacturing expertise and experience in order to attract consumers towards the Vida V1. But will that be enough? Only time will tell. On paper, however, here’s how the Vida V1 pans out: