All you need to know about the VIDA V1

VIDA is here to make clean mobility a global reality. And with with changemakers like you,
we can accelerate into the future we are all proud of.


Join us and MAKE WAY with the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter.



110 kms*

Real World Range


2 Removable



100+ Custom

Riding Modes



Incline Capacity

*T&C Apply

VIDA V1 Pro starting at ₹1,25,900*

*Price mentioned here is for Delhi. Net effective price will change as per the state subsidy.

VIDA Advantage


Your scooter truly comes alive when you connect to our mobility system.


Experience the revolution of mobility with VIDA Advantage, the innovative smart subscription plan that
takes your scooter to nextlevel! With fast charging stations, connectivity, and security features,
VIDA Advantage ensures you have a hassle-free and enhanced riding experience.


Simple plug in your scooter, charge it, and forget about it!


This exclusive offering is available only to VIDA Advantage subscribers.

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1)How can I charge my VIDA?

-It's time to take charge of charging with VIDA V1 - Both the batteries in VIDA V1 are removable, which means you charge the battery at your convinenience anytime, anywhere. - VIDA V1 comes with a portable charger that can be plugged directly to a standard 5A socket - VIDA is setting up a massive network of Fast-charging public stations. Find your nearest stations on the app, book your sessions and charge at 1.2km/min


2) How many units will be consumed per full charge?

-VIDA will consume approx ~ 3.8 units per recharge cycle


3)How much do I pay to charge at a VIDA Fast Charging Station?

-VIDA Fast-Charging Stations are available to use at no cost for the first six months.


4)How does electric vehicle charging work?

-VIDA V1 can get charged in multiple ways

  1. By fast charger exclusive Vida or by Ather

  2. By portable charger through in vehicle charging option

  3. By portable charger , charging individual battery after removing them from battery compartment.(For ease of charging at varied location)

  4. Vida comes with a certified accessory named Y adopter which facilitates charging of both battery simultaneously with portable charger .