How to Charge Your VIDA V1 Electric Scooter

Hey Changemaker!

Welcome to the VIDA Charging Station. Let us take you through a seamless charging experience.


Connect the charging gun to the charging point in your VIDA V1 scooter.

Initiate and monitor charging from your MyVIDAApp.

Make the payment when charging is complete.

Step-by-step Guide


1.  Ensure you have an active internet connection on your mobile.


2.  Also, check if the charger is available for charging. The indicator should be solid Blue.


3.  Plug the charging gun into the scooter and the indicator on the fast charger will start blinking Green.


4.  Sign in/Log in to the CApp. On the CApp home section, click on the 'Charger Connected' banner.


5.  If you are a VIDA Advantage user (our subscription plan user), the charging starts automatically.No steps will be required on the app.

6.  Charging begins now and the app shows session details like session time, energy consumed,and cost.


7.  The indicator on the fast charger turns solid Green and the VIDA V1's TFT shows charging progress.


8.  If you need to stop the session, do so by clicking on 'Stop Charging'. The session will end as per the session time selected. In case you don't have access to the app, you can stop charging by pressing the power button on the vehicle.


9.  The indicator on the fast charger starts blinking Blue.


Troubleshooting Tips

1.  If the charger doesn't work, try unplugging and replugging it.


2.  If the charger light remains red for a long time, contact customer support for assistance on 18002668432.



Now that you know how to charge your VIDA V1electric scooter, follow these steps and enjoy your ride safely.


Remember to charge your scooter after every ride.


For any assistance, contact customer support at 18002668432.


Thank you for choosing VIDA V1!


1)How can I charge my VIDA?

-It's time to take charge of charging with VIDA V1 - Both the batteries in VIDA V1 are removable, which means you charge the battery at your convinenience anytime, anywhere. - VIDA V1 comes with a portable charger that can be plugged directly to a standard 5A socket - VIDA is setting up a massive network of Fast-charging public stations. Find your nearest stations on the app, book your sessions and charge at 1.2km/min


2) How many units will be consumed per full charge?

-VIDA will consume approx ~ 3.8 units per recharge cycle


3)How much do I pay to charge at a VIDA Fast Charging Station?

-VIDA Fast-Charging Stations are available to use at no cost for the first six months.


4)How does electric vehicle charging work?

-VIDA V1 can get charged in multiple ways

  1. By fast charger exclusive Vida or by Ather

  2. By portable charger through in vehicle charging option

  3. By portable charger , charging individual battery after removing them from battery compartment.(For ease of charging at varied location)

  4. Vida comes with a certified accessory named Y adopter which facilitates charging of both battery simultaneously with portable charger .