Welcome to the World of VIDA



1)How can I charge my VIDA?

-It's time to take charge of charging with VIDA V1 - Both the batteries in VIDA V1 are removable, which means you charge the battery at your convinenience anytime, anywhere. - VIDA V1 comes with a portable charger that can be plugged directly to a standard 5A socket - VIDA is setting up a massive network of Fast-charging public stations. Find your nearest stations on the app, book your sessions and charge at 1.2km/min


2) How many units will be consumed per full charge?

-VIDA will consume approx ~ 3.8 units per recharge cycle


3)How much do I pay to charge at a VIDA Fast Charging Station?

-VIDA Fast-Charging Stations are available to use at no cost for the first six months.


4)How does electric vehicle charging work?

-VIDA V1 can get charged in multiple ways

  1. By fast charger exclusive Vida or by Ather

  2. By portable charger through in vehicle charging option

  3. By portable charger , charging individual battery after removing them from battery compartment.(For ease of charging at varied location)

  4. Vida comes with a certified accessory named Y adopter which facilitates charging of both battery simultaneously with portable charger .